FABBERTECH™ - the official distributor of individual and professional
FDM/FFF and SLS 3D printers in the EU and the Balkan Peninsula.
Since 2015, we have been engaged in complex solutions in the field of additive technologies.
The printers we supply combine the safety and ease of use of office equipment with the professional quality of industrial 3D printers.
We also supply all types of composite and engineering plastics from leading manufacturers.
The best in the additive technology market!
3D printing technologies enable the use of printers in all areas of science, education, medicine, manufacturing, architecture and design.

In mechanical engineering, 3D technologies enable the production of parts of almost any shape and geometric complexity, without the use of additional machines, tools and equipment. The filament layer also allows you to create products in which the internal structure of the model should be created, thus providing the possibility for the model to be hollow or filled to some extent.

Quality education cannot be imagined without illustrative examples. 3D modeling and printing enable the discovery of the abilities of future engineers, designers, designers for creative development in the chosen direction.

3D technologies open new possibilities in the field of medicine. Today, 3D printing is used in dentistry, prosthetics, implantation, veterinary medicine and preoperative planning. It is no secret that the key to the success of any surgical intervention is the experience of experts and minimizing errors by testing a visual prototype.

The use of 3D printing in architecture can significantly reduce modeling costs and speed up the process of creating architectural models. They also reproduce objects lost over the years (architectural monuments, works of art, etc.) based on 3D scanning and modeling.
Maximum resolution (0.01 mm layer) and print performance (up to 100 cm3 / hour). Printing with two materials. Printing surface up to 1200*1200*1200 mm.

3D štampači od proizvođača u Srbiji sa isporukom i produženom garancijom.

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